Volunteer Docent @ CMOA

Ever since I arrived at CMU and knew that the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) is simply 5 minutes away from campus, I’ve decided to involve in the museum’s docent training program. Why? Cause I love art and museum :heart:

I’m the youngest member in the volunteer docent group. Some amazing docents have been serving in CMOA for 38 years, which is twice my age that time :rofl:, but this is such a caring warming group and I love it so much.

The Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe style-transferred R class1 photo using deepart.

During the training for the docent volunteering program, we took classes on art history, researched on artworks in CMOA’s collection, discussed art topics, shadowed active docents’ K12 tours, learned about the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) that CMOA adopted, and work with mentors and fellow provisional docents to practice and gradually build up our activation tour. After being activated, we start to lead tours and talks facing the public, such as the “date with a docent” program in 2021 summer.

I’ve always been thinking about how can I contribute more using my unique background and knowledge, which is why I proposed the SURG research project on CMOA website, and why I came up with the theme of “See STEM in Art” for my activation tour.

My docent badge Me in the Hall of Architecture
  1. CMOA recruit docents every year and assign each “class” by alphabetical letter. I belong to the “R” class, and our mentors belong to the “P”, “Q”, or prior classes.