Personal Blog & Vlog [seagulls1000]

Since I graduated from high school, I started to operate a personal WeChat official account (seagulls1000), which is a Chinese platform to post blogs and vlogs.

Initially, I was just sharing some of my study strategies and experiences preparing for tests like SAT, TOEFL, and AP, which were shared by influential WeChat accounts like INSIGHT, TestDaily, Panopath, and etc., and I also wrote QnAs for students who sought help in terms of major selection and test preparation.

Gradually, I started to write film reviews, travel notes, comments on gender equity issues, and thoughts on social phenomena. As I got into college, I made some vlogs to share my CMU life, and I also wrote articles on all those amazing courses I took. My ambition is to write an article for each class I took in CMU, but I haven’t even finished writing my freshmen year… If only I can have 48 hours a day!

I’ve written more than 500,000 words, 80+ articles, and made 20+ vlogs, and I have 3000+ followers now and hundreds to thousands of views on each article or video. Unfortunately, all of these articles (and voice-over for videos) are in Chinese and most of the time I didn’t have English subtitle, but if you want some samples of my non-academic writing, I have written about my experiences in the course Biological Foundations of Behaviors [BFOB], and [here] is another one I wrote in 2018, which won the First Place for College Prose in the 20th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Awards.

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