Tutor, Mentor @ Various Places

Besides being a TA in college-level classes and a project advisor in Project Ignite, I’ve accumulated a lot of tutoring, mentoring, and teaching assistant experiences with different age groups of students through various organizations since I graduated from high school.

For example, I had assisted teaching of English TOEFL classes of 20 students in Sanli for two months, during which I designed personalized study strategies for students and communicated with parents; I had tutored SAT for over 25 students in PeerInsight and helped improve their SAT scores for 30 points on average.

During my freshman year, I’ve also worked at CMU’s Leonard Gelfand Center (LGC) as a tutor at the Writing Center of Allderdice High School, a mentor in Assemble’s Girls’ Maker Night program, and/or a teaching assistant in the Gelfand Outreach program for kindergarten and grade 1-2 children for about 2.5 hrs/week.

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